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The Rise of Micro-Weddings

After the coronavirus lockdown, many couples turned to micro weddings or elopement as a solution to health concerns, travel restrictions, and venue closures. These smaller celebrations were sometimes held as sequel weddings – this smaller ceremony being just the thing to address health considerations, travel restrictions, and venue closures.

Planning a micro wedding should center around creating an intimate experience with thoughtful touches for guests. When hiring vendors for this trend, look for those who understand its ethos so you can customize your day with unique details.

1. Huka Falls

Huka Falls is one of New Zealand’s must-see natural attractions, and should not be missed during any trip through this stunning country. Huka is Maori for “foam”, and that is exactly how this spectacular waterfall appears: powerful waters flowing and creating rapids creating a visual spectacle.

Huka Falls are one of New Zealand’s premier attractions, drawing both locals and international travellers alike. The water here is beautiful blue-green hue, while their incredible power makes for a captivating spectacle. There are many ways you can experience Huka Falls; walking along its best lookout point or driving from Taupo hotel is both worthwhile experiences.

Huka Falls are formed when the Waikato River narrows drastically due to a hard volcanic ledge limiting it to just 15 meters wide – this causes massive pressure increases that result in dramatic visual displays such as Huka Falls.

At Huka Falls there is a wonderful walkway, starting at Taupo’s Spa Thermal Park and passing through exotic and native forests to reach the riverbank. Along this pathway are great vantage points from which you can witness its power as it flows past, with incredible gorge views of Huka Falls at your fingertips.

2. Huka Lodge

New Zealanders speak of Huka Lodge with reverence. Located on Lake Taupo – which bears its namesake volcano caldera – Huka Lodge is renowned as an exceptional Relais & Chateaux property known for its style, hospitality, and service. Queen Elizabeth II herself graced its guest rooms while its lush grounds boast native and exotic species alike which were honored as being of National Significance status.

Within the lodge, its Lodge Room stands out with its wood-burning fire and richly warm atmosphere; here’s where guests gather to enjoy breakfast, pre-dinner drinks and an exquisite gourmet dinner from its daily-changing menu. Outside are numerous cozy nooks that invite relaxation or recreation en plein air as well as tennis courts and croquet lawns for additional recreation opportunities.

All suites here are carefully designed for comfort and privacy, offering stunning views of the turquoise green waters of Waikato River flowing upstream towards Huka Falls. There are 20 Junior and Lodge suites as well as two private cottages – Owner’s Cottage and Alan Pye Cottage – each offering their own signature brand of hospitality and elegance while showcasing local art features and spellbinding views. Adding to its luxurious nature, helicopter charter services from Auckland, Wellington or Rotorua can land directly on its front lawn for an exciting arrival or departure experience.

3. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Waitomo Glowworm Caves are an unforgettable part of any New Zealand trip and offer one of the country’s largest guided underground cave tours. Visitors should bring along cameras to capture stunning glowworm displays that light up underground caverns; in addition, these caves contain thousands-year-old stalagmites and stalactites formed over millenia of formation time.

Waitomo Caves are an enormously popular attraction, drawing over half a million visitors annually. As such, an entire industry has developed to meet this high level of demand, including activities and accommodation options to satisfy this incredibly popular attraction. Black-water tubing on the Waitomo River allows thrill-seekers to ride down rapids and over waterfalls; alternatively there’s the Mangapohue Natural Bridge Walk, taking tourists through moss-clad forests across 55-foot natural bridges for those wanting something different – black-water tubing provides thrilling experience while Mangapohue Natural Bridge Walk provides another relaxing option with guided strolls through forests to moss-clad forests leading up to 55-foot natural bridge.

Micro weddings provide couples with an effective way to connect and celebrate with family and friends while saving money on event costs such as catering. As this trend spreads further, more couples could hold weddings year-round opening up opportunities for wedding pros with new products and services to offer.

4. Queenstown

Queenstown is located at the southern tip of New Zealand’s South Island and boasts an array of high-octane holiday activities. Commonly referred to as “New Zealand’s adventure capital”, Queenstown has earned itself a global reputation as an idyllic holiday spot.

As this town was founded on tourism, there’s no surprise that there is plenty to see and do here. Take a cruise across Lake Wakatipu on board TSS Earnslaw or try your hand at Shotover Canyon Bungee Jump(opens in new tab). Additionally, Lord of the Rings fans flock here in search of film locations from their beloved fantasy adventure film series!

With a more modest guest list, couples can afford the wedding they dream of without breaking the bank – including stunning venues they always imagined, top-quality catering services and any unique touches that make their event truly unique and memorable.

Before the pandemic hit, micro-weddings were on the rise. Couples are opting to celebrate their love with close family members and friends instead of inviting a larger crowd for their ceremony; some even choose a sequel wedding based on a hastily conducted COVID-19 ceremony to create beautiful photos, an intimate event, and lasting memories that they so long for.